Fan Drive

For external gear motors


For external gear motors

Ira Fan Drive is a new range of vehicle cooling systems designed for external gear motors. These types of motors are widely used in modern hydraulics thanks to their performance, long life service and low maintenance costs. An electrohydraulic Fan Drive offers significant advantages if compared with traditional solutions with electric or belt drives. Maximum performance is achieved by combining the Fan Drive system with the fully-programmable IRA electronic control units.

The Fan Drive system consists of:

  1. a hydraulic gear motor with reversible fixed displacement
  2. a Fan-Drive-operated manifold which consists of:
    • a special NG6 directional valve for soft direction change
    • a non-return valve to avoid a hydraulic motor cavitation during reversing or when the electric oil-pressure circuit stops.
    • a max. proportional valve – which can invert work direction despite the settings. The valve is driven by an electronic board designed for the “fan drive” function. It controls the rotation speed of the hydraulic motor by means of on-board sensors.
    • a max. mechanical valve to threshold the operating pressure of the hydraulic motor.

  • Motor Displacement cm ³/giro - (in ³/rev): Group 2 - from 4 to 31,5 (from 0.24 to 1.92)
  • Max. Pressure bar - (psi): up to 250 (3600)
  • Speed rotation rpm: up to 4000
  • NG6 solenoid directional valve for reversing direction: technical data Flow max 80 l/min P max 350bar
  • Coil data: 12 or 24Dc with plug DEUTSCH DT04-2P for male connector type DEUTSCH DT06-2S
  • Pressure control valve: Q max 120l/min P max 210bar
  • Proportional pressure control: Q max 80 l/min P max 250bar

In a Fan Drive system, the electronic card must control the rotation speed of the hydraulic motor based on the actual dissipation through the cooling system. The signals from the temperature sensors or CAN network are processed by the electronic card which, depending on its settings, controls the rotation speed of the hydraulic motor proportionally and cleans the radiant body by automatically inverting the rotation direction of the motor itself. The software developed and designed for the fan drive function improves the vehicle fuel economy in compliance with eco-sustainability regulations, thus resulting advantageous for both the client and the community. The electronic card is plug and play and reduces the vehicle start-up time and costs.

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